We have certified and qualified Online Quran Tutors to teach our students Quran Online with Tajweed. Teaching is the most honored and responsible profession in all societies and religions. In Islam this profession is ranked the highest because it takes great dignity to teach the Quran.

We have Quran Tutors who can teach the Quran Online with Tajweed to kids and adults within the comfort of home. Our teachers create a friendly environment to help our students learn effectively. Teachers at online Quran Learnings, can teach students in different languages such as Urdu, English and Arabic.To convey the education of Quran, Quran Tutor must be punctual , to be a role model and must have knowledge of Tajweed to teach Quran online.

Necessary Qualification to be an Online Quran tutor at Online Quran Learnings.

  • At least have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institute/University.
  • A teacher must be a Hafiz-e-Quran and Aalim.
  • He must have a profound knowledge of Tajweed.
  • Must have online Quran teaching Methodologies / skills to teach students Quran with Tajweed.
  • Believed in student centered – Teaching.

Online Quran Learnings have both Male and Female Quran Tutors to teach students Quran Online with Tajweed and Tarteel. If you want to Learn Quran Online, Register your free trial class now.